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Martin Kennedy

Of all the things people do with the Bible such as spreading good will, evangelizing, or tripping little boys, what’s the one thing they never do? Read the whole thing. That’s what Martin Kennedy did. He discovered that all of the lessons and parables within this respected piece of literature was surrounded by at best confusing stories and at worst horrible tales of human flaws. That compelled him to write He Said It, I Didn’t.

When read with no preconceived notions of infallibility, the Bible is a stirring example of the depths that the human race will go to when it believes their actions are backed up by an almighty force. And when their God can beat your God, someone’s not going to have a good day.

As a “non-believer,” Martin was able to detach himself emotionally from what would have been a sad and sobering examination of Christianity. Instead, he pulled from his comedic roots and delivered a “book report” filled with humor, irreverence, and insight. You may not ever want to see his face, but you’ll never look at the Bible the same either.

He Said It, I Didn’t

He Said It, I Didn’t